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Dimension Project

Dimension Chain Project aims to build a bottom level decentralized data system based on blockchain technology. Dimension Chain records a subspace of the Internet upon request and rewards the effort of individual nodes. Empowered by Super Partners, Dimension Chain is capable of processing high data throughput, providing secured, faithful and permanent data storage and highly scalable to fulfill additional requests. Dimension Chain requires a minimum of energy input, in addition to the currently available internet structure. With Dimension Chain, we envision people’s future interaction with data.


Permanent Storage

Dimension Chain uses a distributed data storage system. The system has multiple-layers data storage to prevent data failure. This includes numerous ordinary users each of who stores a shard of the whole database and Super Partners who hold a copy of the entire database.

Decentralized Credibility

Dimension Chain collects data using a decentralized consensus algorithm. This mechanic ensures bias-free automatic data collection. The cost to temper existing data will be extremely high.

Authenticity Verification

Dimension Chain collects data according to the smart contract published by users. The targeted data is filtered from the internet and forms a subspace. Blockchain system’s core structure guarantees the authenticity of data to be verified continuously.



The structure of Dimension Chain is optimized for data management. Users can publish customized smart contracts to best fit the needs for describing real events.


Minimum additional energy costs than current existing internet structure will be required for the operation of Dimension Chain. With Super Partners work as the fundamental support of the whole structure, this system avoids the needs of various devices regularly connect to the network.


Data has never been faithful and dependable as it will be on Dimension Chain. Blockchain technology naturally ensures the data to be accurate and complete.


Ordinary users can focus more on just their data and applications, instead of being distracted by the burden of heavy data processing duty.


The blockchain system records all the historical data of an entity. This unique record becomes a digital fingerprint and can be used for identity differentiation.

The blockchain allows users to announce oaths to be fulfilled in the up coming period. This will be recorded as a smart contract, and the system ensures the contract to be executed without conditions.

As blockchain is increasingly common for storing all the information of daily activities, the data tends to be sufficient to organize personnel or other resource effectively. Even large projects can be arranged merely on the base of tasks and events, instead of a traditional long-term contract.

Eventually, verification of the blockchain will become one of the best if not the only standard of credit reference. This trend may start in specific areas, and broaden to the whole society gradually.


Anti Price Discrimination

Price discrimination is a microeconomic pricing strategy where identical or largely similar goods or services are transacted at different prices by the same provider in different markets according to the historical data of the user. Dimension Chain aims to disrupt such price monopoly and discrimination by providing a price sharing service for customers to see what prices other customers get for the same or similar goods.

Project Real News

Internet users are constantly surrounded by incomplete or biased news, or even purposed fake news. Readers’ limited access to the news results in their vulnerability to the attack of news stories that makes unfaithful or biased claims and opinions. Dimension Chain functions as an information hub which groups similar news by simple algorithms in smart contracts. Cooperating with oath.io, the users of Dimension Chain can receive professional-level support to choose the news closest to the truth.

Real-Life Information Collection

Token incentives of Dimension Chain encourage participations in providing data manually. Data users can publish smart contracts according to the requirement of their projects. The system structuralizes the data according to smart contract and provides to the data users. The support of Dimension Chain significantly reduces the costs to provide service using real-life information.



Birth of Idea


Building of Blockchain & Data Team

<MARCH 2018

Launch of Foundation Stone

JUNE 2018>

Start of Public
Token Sales

<AUGUST 2018

Start of Project Engineering & BRAND AWARENESS

AUGUST 2018>>

Release of Source Code & Launch of MVP


Start of Business Promotion


Connecting 1 Million Users

JUNE 2019>
To Be


Suji Yan

Founder & CEO
Computer Engineering major in U.Tokyo and UIUC
former Software Engineer at TuSimple
CEO of Sujitech

Louis Liu

Co-founder & CTO
B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science in UIUC specialized in ML and NLP, former research engineer at Trio.io, participated in multiple NIH and NSF funded research projects


Legal Consultant & Head of US Market
Juris Doctor, Ph.D. candidate in Informatics, Legal scholar, consultant for Taiwai government on ICO regulation, multiple publications in regulatory on advanced technology


Big Data Architect
B.A. in Mathematics, Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas
Ph.D. Candidate in Interdisciplinary Linguistics, Purdue University
Research background in meta-structures for representation and integration of data and programs.

Zeke Xie

Algorithm Advisor
University of Science and Technology of China - UTokyo - RIKEN
Expertise in Data Mining and Statistical Learning
Solid Researching Background in Multiple Projects
Ph.D. in Machine Learning, The University of Tokyo

Project Advisors

Adrian Cortez

Chief Strategy Officer at Cohesion.one
Principal at Chain Agnostics
Advisor for multiple ICO projects

Feng Li

Early Investor of Coinbase& Ripple Founding Partner of FreeS Fund
Ex-IDG Partner
Successful Seria Entrepreneur, Multiple Exits

Benjamin Chodroff

CEO at Elabify for AI Implementation
Former CTO at ClearObject
Developer at IBM for Watson IoT

Luba Tang

CEO at Skymizer
Ten years experience of compiler
Designer of Cyber​​mile compiler & programming language

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